Lately I have been wondering if romance is dead because I have not seen it. I have not seen romantic gestures, romantic sayings, flowers or even a simple love note in a long time (I also do not even know if people write love notes anymore- that should be a…


Everyone needs a friend in their corner; someone reliable, someone to relate to, someone to talk life with, get into shenanigans with LOL, etc. The thing is good friends are hard to come by. Someone hit me up and made a comment about my friends. Seeing as how I had…

Our purpose in life (well one of the many) is to continuously grow. We are supposed to always be learning, always be receptive to new things- new ideas and even new thoughts.

If you ‘know me know me’ (LOL)… you should know my mind is always going nonstop. I am…

I see so many people in relationships, situationships, friendships and now “entanglements” -(LOL at this one..what a joke guys!) who are continuously giving to their significant others but are not receiving the same efforts.

I am not talking about giving money or gifts and material shit like that…. I am…

You are more than enough

You are worthy

You are Kings & Queens

Your black is Beautiful, Strong & Resilient

Although your black may be unappreciated by some, it is appreciated by me 🖤

I know you are tired and fed up with the weight of the world on your shoulders but please do not stop fighting for what you believe in

Please keep going and I promise to stand tall and proud beside you

I promise to uplift and protect you by any means necessary

I promise to uphold your name and all that you represent

I promise to forever speak life into your soul

I see you •

I believe in you •

I love you. 🖤


Dating, Relationships, Love, Etc.

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