Did Generation Z Kill Romance?

Lately I have been wondering if romance is dead because I have not seen it. I have not seen romantic gestures, romantic sayings, flowers or even a simple love note in a long time (I also do not even know if people write love notes anymore- that should be a thing again!). Now I am not talking about birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion. I am talking about “just because” romantic gestures. You know the ones where you randomly think of someone you have been talking to or even been in a long-term relationship with and decide to surprise them with a simple flower or a nice, “I was just thinking of you” text.

Coming from a hopeless romantic, romance has to still exist!

This generation is hyped up on social media which praises relations and discourages relationships. I refuse to settle… period! Even when I find my extraordinary love, I will never stop trying to perfect it. A love like that takes time, patience, and non-stop work. Social media makes everything look so easy. Extraordinary love needs to be protected not exploited!

Could it be that romance is dying because men are becoming more and more timid while women are becoming more assertive? I have home girls who literally will go to the store and buy themselves “just because” flowers. They say, why should I wait for a guy to buy me flowers when I can go and buy my own. I have homegirls who will take themselves out to dinner alone or go out for drinks alone and have no shame (as they should)! But where are the men with the same energy? Why can’t nice gestures be reciprocated? And just because I can buy flowers for myself it doesn’t mean the guy I am talking to is off the hook. Nah bruh- you can buy me flowers too.

Have you ever wanted a love so extraordinary and rare? I do. Now I already know the guys reading this are thinking- “here she goes again looking for something perfect”. I am intelligent enough to understand that nothing or no one is perfect- I get that. BUT that does not mean I will settle nor should I or any other woman looking for their extraordinary love! I would never settle for a mediocre job, mediocre pay, mediocre anything (let’s keep it real…I am not even settling for mediocre sex).

So why should I settle for a mediocre love?

Settling is the equivalent of giving up. Are you willing to give up on finding your extraordinary love? Because I surely am not, and neither should anybody else. Real is rare and hard to come by…

So, when you find that extraordinary love, make sure you hold onto it and treasure it like the gift it is (and don’t let the pressures of Generation Z ruin it)!.

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